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Hostgreen is a technology company specializing in implementing solutions based on free software for the private equity. We know the business processes very well and we seek the applications for these technologies through "Open Source" for the current needs our clients face in their businesses, while facing the current market needs.

Hostgreen consists of engineers with extensive experience in the ICT sector with a vision focused on the business, innovation and the development of customized solutions supported by free software.

Hostgreen solutions are supported by the best open source projects serving different needs, such as trade-mail, managing the sales process (CRM), the management of business processes of the company, document management, and other ICT solutions.

We handle wide portfolio of open source solutions ready to meet the needs of both private sector companies and other public bodies. Our goal is not only to implement but provide technology consulting in the process of continuous improvement of organizations and improve strategies of the company through the introduction of technology.

In Hostgreen we analyze each new need, behind each new problem, there is a challenge and an opportunity to innovate with our customers and partners. Technology is not an end, it is the means to innovate and improve the business processes of our clients, we go beyond these requirements, exploring their real needs with total readiness to finding solutions, allowing an adequate response, often imaginative and always honest. The challenges of our clients are our challenges and we test our ability to innovate in ICT solution through seeking proper free software.

Our Values

Our team is built on solid values, we have a total commitment to everything we do to ensure the success of our customers. Our goal is to help our customers to reach the top thanks to our support and alliance with technology.

We are very responsible with everything. What we promise, we deliver with great enthusiasm and dedication to each new project which we engage. We always overcome all the difficulties and problems that can arise during a project to always get the maximum results. We provide full transparency of the information about the project progress and control the tools and services that we implement for our clients.

We are totally honest in the collection of our fees for services - always trying to give a fair and rendered price for our efforts which we deserve. We seek partnerships with our clients technologies with strong dialogue and teamwork that allow us to build relationships for the long term. We always have correct and respectful relationships between people, in this sense we are tolerant and flexible to changes and unforeseen situations with the evolution of our projects with our customers.


- Select the best talent in our HR (Human Resources) processes

- All problems have solutions, our challenge is to find


- The customer knows what needs and we know how to provide it through experience and technological expertise by relying on free software platforms

- Our ultimate goal is to fill all the technological expectations raised by our customers


- Do not wait for someone else to solve the problems; assuminge responsibilities is beyond our duties, we are part of the team committed to our customers

- Effort and dedication are necessary for the development of talent and achievement of objectives


- The team's success is above the individual brilliance within our organization

- We are always willing to help a team member to achieve our common goals


- We promote the initiative to the entire staff of the company at the time of proposing the best solutions and innovative ideas to meet the needs of our customers


- We never miss a word given

- We do not tolerate disrespectful treatment of others

Our Experience

Hostgreen started his career as a company in early 2005, although the project was up and running since May 2002. While we were in our early reliable hosting provider of customer applications soon the company's strategy has focused on the implementation and hosting solutions based on Open Source technology with a clear value creation in organizations of our clients . Our total customer orientation leads us to seek to maximize the success through excellence in the implementation of projects on which we embark.

We have a professional experience since 1998 in the sector of Information and Tenologías Internet. We have some adequate technical and human resources to our business, and currently has offices in Malaga.

Hostgreen has extensive experience in the implementation and training of ICT solutions based on Free Software (POS Openbravo POS, eCommerce, SEO search engine optimization, web self-managed, ERP and CRM solutions with Openbravo ERP and CRM VTiger). We have implemented ICT solutions based on Free Software in retail and strong penetration in the SME Malaga after participating in projects such as the Novapyme of the Andalusian where approximately 1,000 companies attended Malaga.

Currently the company has collaboration agreements with:

FECOMA, Malaga Trade Federation (
COAC, College of Commercial Agents of Málaga (