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PostHeaderIcon Openbravo ERP web consultancy in Malaga

Hostgreen provides consultancy in Malaga on a web solution Openbravo ERP for the installation and configuration of ERP and POS solutions based on free software Openbravo ERP.

Our consultants lead your enterprise web project ERP with POS system allowing you to get the information tailored to the needs of your business.

What is ERP?

ERP is focused on the organization of resource management and business processes of the company, it is elegant solution to all your business management needs. The ERP applications typically consist of modules such as marketing and sales, production management, inventory control and warehouse, human resources, finance and accounting.


Openbravo is the best web solution ERP POS Free Software exists which we are consulting specialists in the installation, training and adaptation to specific customer needs, that we develop with our team of consultants to the customer's displaced. Likewise, we have several developers who specialize in this product developed as any adjustments as necessary budget for your business.

Openbravo ERP is flexible

Openbravo was founded specifically to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises and help them compete and grow. Our agile ERP strategy breaks with the traditional ERP at three points:

- The flexible ERP is used to intuitively

- The flexible ERP is modular and easy to update

- The flexible ERP provides a sustained ROI

Each of these principles helps small and medium-sized enterprises to gain business value from their investment into ERP, which is often elusive for large companies. A company claiming to be agile in their business processes have to implement ERP as agile as Openbravo.

The official website of Openbravo is: There is detailed information about the product. In this video you can see an online demo in which it is clear how the system works for each of the departments involved

Also you can see a demo of the program running:

Using Openbravo free software means that you will save from all these licensing costs and all future upgrades, OpenBravo ERP is more secure because its source code is open, also it allows you to make adjustments to suit your needs since they have the source for it. Spain has a wide network of suppliers of this product which also means that you will never be subject to a single vendor with the benefits in price and independence that this entails.

Openbravo POS is the implementation of Point of Sale (POS) software and it is a leader in the retail sector. It has been specifically designed for touch screens with a wide range of businesses from restaurants and grocery stores to special retailers in providing businesses. Openbravo POS can be configured to run on any POS environment, becoming a feature-rich solution. Openbravo POS and Openbravo ERP can work separately or together depending on the needs of users.